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We thank all the participants of the Mawkyrwat Ultra 2019.
See you in 2020. Happy Running!

Rules and Regulations

The Mawkyrwat Ultra Rules & Regulations

Organizing Team
The Mawkyrwat Ultra is organized by RUNMeghalaya Association, holding Registration: MEG-RoS_2019_00047 under the Certificate of Registration Societies ACT XXI of 1860. The Location of the Event is at Mawkyrwat in the South West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya and the event will be held on the 25th and 26th of October, 2019. The best way to reach the event organizers is by email ( and your mails will be typically responded within a day. Most of the information is available on the website and we suggest participants go through all the information thoroughly before contacting the organizers. Participants can also reach the event team by telephone at +91 8787781089 during office hours from 10:00AM to 5:00PM before and after the event.

Criteria for Selection
The Mawkyrwat Ultra invites runners who are 18 years and above on the 25th of October, 2019.  All runners have to meet the selection criteria. Registration will only be confirmed after proof has been verified.

Ultra Marathon 100K: Must have recently completed a recognized Ultra Marathon of 72km and above under 10.5 hrs (both Men and Women)
Ultra Marathon 72k: Must have recently completed a recognized Full Marathon under 6hrs (Men) under 6.5 hrs (Women)Ultra Marathon Ultra Marathon 45k: Must have recently completed a recognized Full Marathon under 6hrs (Men) under 6.5 hrs (Women)
30k Mawkyrwat Endurance Run: Must have recently completed a recognized Half Marathon under 3hrs (Men) under 3.5 hrs (Women)

All selected runners for the 45k, 72k and 100k must produce a medical certificate from a recognized medical practitioner showing they are in good health and fit to run the Ultra Marathon.

Self-Sufficiency and Semi Self Sufficiency
All 72k and 100k Runners have to be semi self-sufficient or autonomous between aid- stations. This means that between two aid-stations, a runner has to be self-sufficient regarding hydration, fuelling, clothing and communication. Hence all ultra runners must have all items in their mandatory race kit with them at all times. Each runner must ensure that he /her has enough water or food in order to reach the next aid station. Each Aid station will be between 2km to 5km apart depending on the location.

External Assistance
All runners must only take assistance from the event staff along the route or aid stations. No personal assistance from friends or family will be allowed, which means any personal assistance will mean an immediate disqualification from the race.

Medical Disclaimer
All runners will have to go through a general doctor’s check up at the bib venue, read and sign a legal medical disclaimer before they are handed their running bib.

Baggage Drop
All runners must drop their personal race items at designated baggage drop off locations only. The organizers will not be responsible if a runner leaves their bags unattended or if they are dropped off in locations other than designated.

Fuelling and Hydration
Race fuelling provided by the organizers will be only the natural produce of the region such as cooked rice-water mixed with honey, sweet potatoes, potatoes, bananas etc. No sports drinks or gels etc. will be provided by the organizers. Participants can add their own fuelling sources like gels and drinks to their mandatory race pack, which has to be pre-approved by organizers prior to the start of the race.

Race Bib
A participant must wear the race-bib at all times and it should be clearly visible to the event organizers and at the aid-stations. All bibs must be worn on the outermost clothing layer and on the front chest or thigh so that it is clearly visible. Only participants with race bibs will receive race assistance such as at aid stations or medical supervision etc.

Medical Assistance
Medical assistance is available at the race venue or at designated aid stations along the route. While a runner waits for medical assistance, he/she should rely on their race pack to provide comfort till assistance arrives. This means that the water, fuel, bandage or rain jacket etc. will provide that comfort to a runner stuck between aid stations till help arrives. Any expense that a participant incurs resulting from a medical emergency or an evacuation is payable by the person being rescued. We strongly recommend that each participant should consider procuring medical insurance that could cover the emergency cost in case of any eventualities.

Cancellation or Refund
There are no cancellation or refund policies for this event. If a runner is not able to compete this year, his fee will be NOT be transferred to the next year event.

Staying on Race Route
Along the race route, all junctions and turns will be marked or have race staff to provide the right direction. Each runner must stay on the race route been given and any runner who voluntarily detours is no longer under the responsibility of the organization. In case a runner has any doubt of the race route, he should ask the next event staff present.

Direction and Kilometre Markers
The route will be marked as much as possible all along the 100k, 72k, 45k and 30k loops. In case of any doubt at an unmarked crossing, runners should wait for the next event staff to assist.

Dropping Out
Any runner who wishes to relinquish the race should make it clear to the next event staff or at the next aid station. It is highly recommended that runners, who wish to drop out, should do so at aid stations as it will make their evacuation to the main event venue easier. These runners will have their bibs marked and will appear as DNF in the event results online board.

Race crew present on the route and those in charge of different aid stations are authorized to uphold rules regulations and to immediately disqualify a runner for not respecting rules and regulations of the event. Some of the breaches that can lead to disqualification include the following:

  1. Taking a short-cut or a vehicular ride
  2. Lack of items in the mandatory race kit for 100k and 72k runners
  3. Littering along the race route.
  4. Cheating. For example using someone else’s race number.
  5. Not passing through all timing points along the route.
  6. Refusal to comply with directions from race organizers, staff, medical team, doctor etc.
  7. Rude behavior to the event staff or spectators of the race.

To make this event better for consecutive years all complaints about the event must be in writing or emailed to

General Guidelines
RUNMeghalaya, the main event organiser will have the final authority on any issue, question or concerns that may emerge during the race. Every runner must be prepared to be able to handle the distance of the race category they wish to enter in. The Mawkyrwat terrain, climate and altitude are perfect to hone one’s running skills and this environment creates some of the best runners in India. Participants should take this unique opportunity of running in this landscape as a experience to gain some good running perspective. No littering will be accepted in the event. All trash should be placed in the garbage bins that will be provided at the event. The medical team or event doctor can determine if a runner needs to relinquish the race based on medical grounds.

Mandatory Race Kit

For 100k and 72k Runners only

  • Running Belt, Backpack or other kit to carry mandatory race items during the race.
  • Mobile Phone (fully charged and switched off along with phone numbers provided by the race organizers)
  • GPS Optional
  • Whistle
  • Hand-held bottles or water pouch like a Camelbak to stock minimum 1liter of water
  • Contingencies cash of Rs. 500
  • Personal food reserve such as a banana, energy gel etc.
  • Race BIB- to be worn at all times and must be visible.
  • Phone numbers and contact information of the organizers.