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We thank all the participants of the Mawkyrwat Ultra 2019.
See you in 2020. Happy Running!

Race Reviews 2018

“The Mawkyrwat Ultra 2018 was a unique race in many ways. Set in the hills of Mawkyrwat, the route was scenic and this helped distract the mind from the pain. The aid stations were staffed with cheering volunteers and refreshing nourishment. The route was well marked too. A unique aspect of the race was that the out-station runners stayed with local families in the village. This was a wonderful experience for us to enjoy Khasi hospitality and get a peek into the simple but tough lives of the village folks. The hosts also benefited through the income they made by hosting the runners and from the interactions with runners from many parts of India. Every aspect of the race was well planned and the Race Director Gerald Pde and his team from Run Meghalaya have done a tremendous job working with the locals and involving them in organising the race. The food consisted of wonderful local fare – local dishes prepared from locally grown produce and prepared by local women. The goodie bag given to runners contained a T-shirt of good quality and many other local items. The overall experience was great and left us with many wonderful memories that will last a long time.

George Varghese, Sirsi, Karnataka

“I cannot remember how I heard about the Mawkyrwat Ultra first, but I know it immediately struck me as a chance to visit places less-traveled and go back to a more simple, down to earth lifestyle even if only for a few days. I had no idea what I was up to, whether the race would be hard or easy, if I was ready or not, where I would sleep… I just wanted a new adventure, back-to-basics!

And I can say now that I got much much more than I could have hoped for! The race was great and perfectly organized (I did wish I had signed up for a shorter distance though), landscapes were fantastic, but all this is almost secondary to the experience on the side of the run.

The people I met have been truly wonderful, locals and racers alike. All were simple, accessible and wanted to give, give and give, make us discover their region, village and daily lives, taste their oh-so-wonderful and healthy food made from their home grown vegetables, host us in their cozy homes…
I realize trying to put words on the experience cannot and will not make it justice, so I’d rather stop here and just encourage anyone who reads this to go and figure out by him or herself. The long trip to get to Mawkyrwat is worth it. Just try and train before – if you can!

Nicolas BROCARD – SAIDI, France

“I found Mawkyrwat Ultra on the Net. Impressed by their website, I registered for a 72 km run. I didn’t know what to expect till I reached the remote village of Shngimawlein(around 76 km from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya).

The involvement and enthusiasm of the local community was overwhelming and infectious. Home stay for the runners with the villagers added to the local flavour. Little kids ran helter-skelter in excitement. Language was a problem. However, the lady of the house, where I was putting up with three other runners, kept up a constant chatter in khasiwithout any inhibition. The warmth of their hospitality was evident even in the cuisine food served to the participants which was wholesome and appetising. To add to the festive occasion, a programme of song and dance was organised in the evening and the music resonated through the entire village.

The route was picturesque and well marked for the runners. Refreshments consisting of locally grown food were served on the way by the ever-smiling volunteers, a few of whom had dozed off by the time I came across them. It was fun to see them exasperated by my slow pace. A participant of the previous year’s first edition of the MawkyrwatUltra had compared the local runners to the hidden tribe of Tarahumara Indians of ‘Born To Run’ fame, which does not seem too far-fetched. A runner from the neighbourhood finished first with an incredible timing of 5:38:24 hrs traversing the entire treacherous course of 72 km with steep inclines. And quite a few were not far behind.  I took almost double the time and was the last to complete! But it was worth every bit of it – an experience to savour. The uniqueness of the run culminated in a traditional khasi lock medal being presented at the end of the race.

Kudos to the organising team for a job well done and for being on first-name basis with the participants! And a big ‘khublei’ to everyone involved in the making of this ultra-marathon extraordinaire.”

Gautam Pathak, Pune