USATF Certified

Welcome to the 3rd Edition of The Mawkyrwat Ultra!!

100K Ultra Run

The 100K Ultra Run flags off from Shngimawlein and descends South towards Jashiar Village crossing Laitnong. The route heads east and crosses the Ri-Lang River towards Lawsang in main Mawkyrwat Village. It then turns west on to the Mawlangwir – Mawranglang Road towards the Ri-Lang View Point. The route winds into the Rangblang- Mawkyrwat Road going another 14Km towards Phlangdiloin and loops back joining the same route as 72K. It meets the Nongstoin- Mawkyrwat Road and goes right continuing east towards Mawthawpdah.  At the Mawthawpdah crossing, the route takes a left towards Nongdom and Rangdkhew and Pariong. The route takes a right towards Sohma and enters Shngimawlein from the North towards the finish line.


Start Time: 5:00 AM
Support Points: Every 5 KM
Cutoff Time: 18 Hours
ITRA: To be updated
UTMB: To be updated