Congratulations to all the runners of the Mawkyrwat Ultra 2018

USATF Certified

Event Features

  • Name of the Event: The Mawkyrwat Ultra
  • Date of the Event: 26th and 27th October, 2018
  • Total Number of Ultra Marathoner Registrations: 100
  • Total Number of Registrations for Local 10k (open only to residents of Mawkyrwat District): 700
  • Fun Run for Kids: The Ultra Marathoner will have a chance to volunteer and help out at the fun run
  • Ultra Marathon Event Location: Shngimawlein, Mawkyrwat
  • Ultra Marathon Start: Shngimawlein, Mawkyrwat
  • Ultra Marathon Long Course: 72k – UTMB and ITRA Points
  • Ultra Marathon Medium Course: 45k – UTMB and ITRA Points
  • Short Course: 30k
  • Running Route: Through village dirt roads, mountain trails, paddy fields and forest
  • Rural Experience: Accommodation will be with families and food will be locally sources and prepared in a community kitchen.